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Can you fix a broken nation with a broken record?

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I am going to say that it is probably difficult to fix our current situation with tax cuts.  I know…I know, the crazy liberal wants to raise your taxes and then spend all your hard earned wages. Not exactly.

I have a difficult time grasping the notion that the conservative chorus can only recite the same tune we have heard during a very recent 8 year administration.

“The only way to stimulate the economy is with lower taxes and tax incentives.”

Everyone is skittish now. Consumers, producers, and lenders. The argument that tax incentives will create job growth does not work.  Lets take a look at a couple of scenarios.

-  We create an incentive where an employer gets tax breaks for hiring new employees. (Currently part of the Obama plan, but really done for the purpose of appeasement)

So, under this theory, a company will hire a new employee for the purposes of expanding production of a good that a consumer is buying less of. Does not really work out in my mind.

- We lower taxes…

Well, with all of that extra money from lower taxes, companies will be able to expand production. Okay, so they expand production after borrowing to purchase what is necessary for the increase in productivity. They have to borrow because lower taxes do not mean available cash. This also seems to be a difficult challenge due to the well publicized reluctance of banks to give our money.

So why is it that the party that got a strong message from the American public this past election is grasping hold to its oldest idea?

I would like this cartoon to be an exaggeration, but right now it doesn’t seem to be.

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The Digital Administration

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What are your thoughts on having a new administration keeping the public informed at a level like this?

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A New Hope or…

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Well…here we are with a new President Elect waiting on deck.  Obviously I am extremely happy with the outcome on many different levels.  But I’m not writing to gloat, I’m writing about the opportunities I feel we have for the country.  I believe, as is so often espoused in an election year by politicians, that we live in the greatest country on earth.  The opportunities every individual has access to here is not found anywhere else.  This is in large part due to our freedoms and individual desires and motivations.  The other part is in how our governments support the dreams of so many people.  This is the opportunity for our government to make the needed steps for renewed opportunities in the future.  I think that the building blocks for renewed innovation and growth will be set under this administration.  Is it possible for those who represent the people to work towards setting things in place for this renewal?  I can’t answer that. 

I do think it is very likely that our government will move past disagreeing for the sake of not conceding to the other side.  I know, it sounds like something a person on the “winning side” would say, but I truly believe it.  We are in, and going further into, desperate times.  This should be the time that we look towards the long term future, instead of only acting on crises as they overtake us.

I know I’m not getting into specific details on solutions to current and future problems.  I want to know if others believe these desperate times will bring great opportunity.  Will they?  Has optimism for our future left the people of this country?  Is it foolish to be hopeful of the potential that lies ahead?  Are the thousands of people who celebrated Tuesday night crazy or was that a time for them to truely be excited and inspired?

Right now, I’m hopeful…



Adam, I cannot help but be nervous about the next four years.  I guess I am one of the few people concerned that we now have a Democratic President, Congress and possible Supreme Court nominations looming.  Though there is a lot to be said for getting things done, my concern is that this government is going to undo many of the fundamentals that former bi-partisan governments worked so hard, together, to get passed.  I fear that checks and balances, a pillar squarely constructed on the shoulders of the Constitution, may be compromised.  This is not something that I can take lightly. 

As an American citizen, I feel it my duty to whole-heartedly support our new President.  It is crucial for us to unite as a nation and work as one to keep America’s flame burning bright.  These coming years are going to test not only our national unity and Barack Obama’s merit, but most of all they are going to test the fortitude of our Constitution.  I hope and pray that our elected officials remember the ideals that this country was founded on and use the Constitution as a beacon to guide America through these dark times.

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First Post, November 2nd, 2008

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This is our first post on the eve of a historic night.  The election that has seen such great excitement,  along with great animosity, is going to be coming to a close with Senator John McCain or Senator Barack Obama becoming the next President of the United States.  Most assuredly, the outcome will bring anger, if at least great disappointment, to nearly half the country.  This point is why we feel it is necessary to create a forum for conversations between people with differing ideas.  This blog should allow us to see that both sides do seek the betterment of the American people, though they believe it may take two different directions to move towards the ultimate goal.  

The continuing interaction between those of different viewpoints will allow us to move forward and go beyond the strongly perceived differences of the past.

So with this, we look forward to a great night for our country on November 4th, 2008.  We  also look forward to meaningful discussions on the issues that will shape our country.

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