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The Difference a Couple of Years Makes

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I was thinking about the current State of Anger we live in today, as I do on most days. I was thinking about what it is that has made everyone so mad. As is pointed out by me and many others, a large number of Americans aren’t thrilled there is a black man leading the country. But, I do think there is much more to this issue other than race. Racism and bigotry are much more prevalent when cultivated from unfortunate circumstances.

Every time, it seems, that the current recession is and has been discussed it is mentioned that it is the worst since the Great Depression. This point has seemed obvious to me. Also apparent to me has been the need to have the Federal Government do everything possible to improve the lives of Americans. To take care of us!

After reading the latest column from Frank Rich of The Times, I began to think about the country during The Great Depression. Americans sought the greatest efforts possible from the Federal Government at that time. FDR was not thought of as killing the American way. He brought comfort to a very uneasy nation because people knew he was doing everything possible to improve the lives of every American. Difficult economic conditions didn’t mean everyday, freedom-loving, patriotic, and hardworking Americans sought the demonization of the President. So what was the difference between then and now?

The difference was the country was hit by the stock market collapse and the onslaught of the Depression while Republican Herbert Hoover was in office. By the time FDR was elected, the nation was desperate for a savior. Though FDR enacted drastic changes, drastic measures were needed to change to course the country was headed on.

We didn’t get enough of a taste of what could have happened. The economy was headed south at the very end of the Bush administration. Barack Obama was elected and took those (not so) drastic measures to keep the country from from heading into a depression.

The country didn’t get to know despair. To the detriment of the current administration, it may require voters realization that the alternative, Republicans, will not improve their situation. Unfortunately, that will require the most likely failure of a Republican Congress and possibly Republican President.

A savior is not the person who puts the life preserver on you. A savior is the one who pulls you out of the water. The country will need to do a little more drowning before they are ready to truly be saved. Get your bathing suits on people…

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