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Nobody Cares About Life-Preservers!

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently commented that “You don’t get any credit in campaigns for what you prevented from happening”.

I brought up this same point in a post yesterday. People don’t feel as grateful for a person who straps the life preserver on…but they are eternally grateful to the person who pull them out of the water before they take that last gasp of life.

This is the way people are. Nobody is going to make people understand otherwise that the economy was saved. I’m afraid there will be Republican good fortunes brought on the backs of Democrats for years to come.

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Bush finally reaching out to the poor…


…and then quickly wiping that “poor juice” off on Clinton. This seems pretty accurate in how Republicans deal with the poor; avoid contact at all costs and if you absolutely must make contact, keep a Democrat nearby for quick hand washing.

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