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Hopefully Tea Parties are as Big as the Ideas will get

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The virtues of private interests ahead of public good have no age limit

The virtues of private interests ahead of public good have no age limit


The tea parties that were held across the country yesterday were idiotic for multiple reasons. There are enough bloggers and commentators discussing those reasons right now. Hopefully there is plentiful footage of all of those brave elected officials in the next election cycle to highlight what they did for their country during tough times.

I do not want to get into election strategies for the Democrats. What I would like to do is highlight the missed opportunity the conservatives/Republicans missed during one of their greatest successes at organizing their ideologically aligned citizens.

Every Republican official put in front of a camera over the past few months talks about the destruction of capitalism. Some of those take the time to speak to the point of how this destruction will hurt the middle class. Yes, based on what they are saying, higher taxes on the rich and government stimulus will only continue the crushing of the workforce found in the middle. It seems that the best way the people who attended these tea parties could have spent their time is by HELPING those who are being destroyed by socialism.

This could have been a bold statement for the Republican party to make. Imagine John Boehner being interviewed by Fox News and saying “We are here in Cleveland organizing this food and clothing drive because we know it is necessary to help those people who continue to lose their jobs because of the high taxes this administration and Congress are imposing on the people. When the Democrats have eroded away the life they once knew, the conservative community is here to help bring this country back.”

Wouldn’t that have been powerful? Instead of wasting time and resources, they could have used that organization to make a positive difference and at the same time got their message out that they are outraged by the changes that are taking place.

Obviously, this type of outreach would require each person to look beyond their own self interests. When that happens…well…then there probably would not have been any tea parties yesterday.

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