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This Administration is like a brand new Snuggie

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This administration feels like a new snuggie to me these days. You know, that one amazing product sold on television. The blanket you don’t have to take off. I can just throw on my snuggie, go about my normal business, and know that I will stay all warm and cuddly.


I don’t exactly feel this way, but it is nice feel reassured that the government can take care of us when emergency takes place. I am referring to the recent concerns regarding the swine flu. Watching the numerous press conferences, I realized that I was supposed to feel reassured at times of crisis. And I finally did!

It also took me back to the days of seeing President Bush speak… Instant anxiety no matter what the topic of concern. Or, maybe it was leadership that the former President put into place to bring our country through difficult times. Brownie?

People may be in fear of a pandemic falling onto our society, but right now their fear is being managed with calm and confidence from a reassuring government.



Almost forgot to mention two points of genius from Republican leaders. First, Republican leadership flocked to join the chorus in their accusations that volcano monitoring was wasteful…shortly before a volcano erupted. Second, Replublican leadership stripped funds that would go towards a possible pandemic…shortly before the current swine flu situation.

Hold that snuggie tight!

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