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Well…here we are with a new President Elect waiting on deck.  Obviously I am extremely happy with the outcome on many different levels.  But I’m not writing to gloat, I’m writing about the opportunities I feel we have for the country.  I believe, as is so often espoused in an election year by politicians, that we live in the greatest country on earth.  The opportunities every individual has access to here is not found anywhere else.  This is in large part due to our freedoms and individual desires and motivations.  The other part is in how our governments support the dreams of so many people.  This is the opportunity for our government to make the needed steps for renewed opportunities in the future.  I think that the building blocks for renewed innovation and growth will be set under this administration.  Is it possible for those who represent the people to work towards setting things in place for this renewal?  I can’t answer that. 

I do think it is very likely that our government will move past disagreeing for the sake of not conceding to the other side.  I know, it sounds like something a person on the “winning side” would say, but I truly believe it.  We are in, and going further into, desperate times.  This should be the time that we look towards the long term future, instead of only acting on crises as they overtake us.

I know I’m not getting into specific details on solutions to current and future problems.  I want to know if others believe these desperate times will bring great opportunity.  Will they?  Has optimism for our future left the people of this country?  Is it foolish to be hopeful of the potential that lies ahead?  Are the thousands of people who celebrated Tuesday night crazy or was that a time for them to truely be excited and inspired?

Right now, I’m hopeful…



Adam, I cannot help but be nervous about the next four years.  I guess I am one of the few people concerned that we now have a Democratic President, Congress and possible Supreme Court nominations looming.  Though there is a lot to be said for getting things done, my concern is that this government is going to undo many of the fundamentals that former bi-partisan governments worked so hard, together, to get passed.  I fear that checks and balances, a pillar squarely constructed on the shoulders of the Constitution, may be compromised.  This is not something that I can take lightly. 

As an American citizen, I feel it my duty to whole-heartedly support our new President.  It is crucial for us to unite as a nation and work as one to keep America’s flame burning bright.  These coming years are going to test not only our national unity and Barack Obama’s merit, but most of all they are going to test the fortitude of our Constitution.  I hope and pray that our elected officials remember the ideals that this country was founded on and use the Constitution as a beacon to guide America through these dark times.

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  1. Adam.BTA  •  Nov 8, 2008 @2:43 pm

    Robert, I think there have been few Presidents who are better suited to interpret the Constitution and follow through with its guidance and precedents that have come later.

    I do feel that the balance in government is leaning, but still being checked by measures set in place. There are too many tasks at hand for this government to get bogged down by activist agendas.

  2. M (Who am I?)  •  Nov 8, 2008 @4:10 pm

    I think both liberals and conservatives can agree on one thing - we’re all hopeful at this point.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

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  3. Adam.BTA  •  Nov 10, 2008 @9:31 am

    Here is an op-ed by former Republican Senator Bill Frist. A good example of the hopes people have and the great opportunities that are possible with reaching out to the other side.


  4. Robert.BTA (Who am I?)  •  Nov 11, 2008 @9:45 am

    Here is an example of a congressman that is a little less than excited about the Obama presidency. And I didn’t even find this on Fox News!


    This is a little outrageous, even to me!

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  5. Adam.BTA  •  Nov 11, 2008 @9:53 am

    That Congressman is somewhere between crazy and really crazy. Obama was referring to increasing funding for national security within our borders by domestic agencies rather than the military. Not exactly the building blocks for a shadow police force terrorizing the public.

    Glad to see your fear doesn’t run that deep

  6. Tom (Who am I?)  •  Nov 12, 2008 @8:08 am

    I feel like I’m sitting in the same seat with Robert. This election was harder for me than any of the previous two. I agree that there is an inherent danger in having a Democratic President and Congress, especially in the midst of such an economic crisis. I think that if this election would not have had economic issues throughout, it would have been a flat-out victory for civil rights and social issues. Bringing in an administration that is spend-heavy in the midst of lacking funds is really risky. Could it work? I hope to God so. I know that personally if Obama can figure out the economic spending issues of Congress, my support will go from majority to complete. I just don’t see that happening.
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  7. Adam.BTA  •  Nov 12, 2008 @9:24 am

    Perfect segway into the next post.
    Since when do funds and spending tie together……? I kid…of course I’d rather see spending during budget surpluses rather than deficits. But, in a recession “Spend Baby Spend”
  8. Jesse (Who am I?)  •  Nov 12, 2008 @5:36 pm

    I think we’re in for some interesting times, regardless of who is the president. It is not a good situation that Obama is inheriting, and will likely take more than one term for the world to settle down. Imagine creating history at the same time you step into a global economic collapse. While Obama is all for change, some change requires changes to international monetary policies which are far beyond the scope of any U.S. president’s reach. So, Obama’s legacy might be the fact that he could change history, but not the present or future because there is no quick-fix for the current issues.
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